This Nestor jacket is made in a linen and silk blend using a herringbone weave. The result is a textured and interesting jacket with an overall khaki tone. Linen cloth has long been associated with Summer clothing as the fibres have unique properties conducive to hotter weather. Garments made from linen have high air permeability, meaning air can flow quite freely though the woven structure to keep the body cool. It is cool to the touch and breathable and like all linens the fabric holds its wrinkles.

The lining is a 50/50 viscose cupro twill; a high-quality and robust choice from Bernstein & Banleys, a British lining company founded in 1953.

We offset the linen with black lip mother of pearl buttons. Taken from the troca shell, these dark buttons occasionally catch the light and harmoniously reflect the cloth they sit on.

This Nestor jacket is a lightweight, Summer piece good for wearing in hotter climates when you want to look a little more dressed up but don’t want the structure or weight of a suit jacket. The wrinkling linen will give the jacket a lived in look while the linen fibres are strong and tough. The slight touch of silk in the blend adds the slightest of natural sheen.