This Marlin jacket is made using a medium grey brushed cotton. Essentially the fibres have been lifted and treated to leave the surface smooth and velvet-like to the touch. This same procedure allows the cotton a very slight sheen and stops the cloth from absorbing light and appearing flat.

The lining is a 50/50 viscose cupro twill; a high-quality and robust choice from Bernstein & Banleys, a British lining company founded in 1953.

We offset the grey brushed cotton with black lip mother of pearl buttons. Taken from the troca shell, these dark buttons occasionally catch the light and harmoniously reflect the cloth they sit on.

The idea behind the grey brushed cotton Marlin jacket is to run that fine line between polar opposites. A formality is introduced in the form of the shawl collar and a ventless hem, both of which are common design features on Dinner Jackets. These ideas work in contrast to the grey brushed cotton, firstly because grey is a colour associated with work suits and cotton is a cloth typical of vintage work wear. In a single design these ideas work harmoniously to create a versatile jacket